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Alight Motion is a popular video editing and motion graphics app available on various platforms, including Android and iOS. The Pro version of the app offers additional features and functionality beyond what is available in the free version. To access the Pro version, you usually need to purchase a subscription or make an in-app purchase within the official Alight Motion app.

Discover the power of Alight Motion Pro Apk and Graphics Software, the mobile and desktop app that enables you to create stunning graphics, animations, and videos with ease. With a user-friendly interface and a range of intuitive tools and features, Alight Motion is ideal for beginners and professionals alike.

It offers keyframe animation, motion blur, and color correction, as well as compatibility with HD, Full HD, and 4K video formats, making it perfect for social media, advertising, and promotional content. Additionally, Alight Motion is an affordable option that provides a supportive community of creators and users, where you can find tutorials, tips, and inspiration. Elevate your visual content with Alight Motion Graphics Software today.

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Name Alight Motion
License Free
Version v4.4.8
Size 140M
Category Photo & Video
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Developer Alight Creative, Inc.

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Alight Creative is the company behind the motion graphics software Alight Motion. Despite having been available for a while, this app has continuously ranked as the top choice among users on Google Play. Furthermore, there is no cost associated with either downloading or utilizing this application. Users of Alight Motion may edit movies using professional graphics or make unique videos from a selection of photos.

Simple to use

Anyone may use this program due to its simple user interface. Users will immediately note how user-friendly this software is since there are no complicated setup procedures or instructions needed to start using it. Simply open it, pick your favorite photo or video from your gallery, and then drag it to a space without a screen. Then you can start adding components like filters, typography, and other special effects, along with audio recordings from online and offline sources like SoundCloud, YouTube, and more!

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create movies that look professional without having to spend hours learning how to use Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Final Cut Pro X, Alight Motion could be the answer you’re looking for.

Turns Your Words and Slides Into Attention-Grabbing Content

Alight Motion Features

Users of the app will see straight away that there are a large number of available templates from which to choose. Only a handful of the components included in the templates include titles, effects, and transitions. For the title of your video clip, you may select from a variety of text styles in the titles box. In addition to effects like blur, glow, and drop shadows, this contains text styles like bold, italic, and underlined. To give your video a more intriguing and unique appearance, you may apply borders, shadows, stickers, transitions like fade in/out and wipe transitions, and other special effects.


  1. The user may choose a picture from the device’s gallery and then use multiple filters to give it various effects, including the blur filter, glow effect, etc. By picking a photo from the device gallery and then the appropriate filter from the list of filters, they may even make their own original filters;
  2. The user may further add text and/or graphics to their video recordings by concurrently importing several files;
  3. Videos may also be exported in a number of formats, such as MP4 (H.264), MP3 (AAC), and M4V (MP4, for usage on devices such smartphones and tablets;
  4. You may export your movie directly to YouTube or Facebook if you signed up for an account there before installing this software;

Alight Motion  Features Apk Mod

You have to guide the light past numerous obstacles in the creative puzzle game Alight Motion. This game’s goal is to direct the light to its designated location, which you can

see on the screen. There are many obstacles in your path, but by just touching them, you can get rid of them.

There are the three modes available.

Best motion graphics editor with amazing features

  • Normal Mode

In Normal Mode, which is used for the majority of levels, you have a limited number of moves to get the light through every obstacle and finish each level.

  • Sandbox Mode

In Sandbox Mode, you are free to test out numerous strategies and experiment with a number of stages to find which ones work best for each.

  • Challenge Mode

In Challenge Mode, each level has two separate iterations: Easy and Hard. Additionally, each difficulty level in these modes has a spectrum of challenges that match them (so if you want your difficulty set at easy or hard).

Alight Motion has a connection to Google Maps

Alight Motion is a GPS navigation app with voice guidance. It is designed for drivers who desire turn-by-turn directions, lane guidance, and access to traffic cameras.

Alight Motion offers a simple experience for people who are new to the program, but it also contains more advanced features for seasoned users.

You may create routes by moving from one location to another thanks to the integration between Google Maps and Alight Motion. Additionally, you may set up notifications to warn you when your destination is getting close or when there will be heavy traffic. Even better, if there is an accident ahead, the app will send you a notification message to let you know. If you need to go somewhere quickly and are in a hurry, Alight Motion will give you turn-by-turn directions so you may relax while driving.

The program was developed with user safety in mind, making it simple for users to stay on course when driving without stressing out about getting lost while navigating uncharted territory or places they have never visited before. In the event that traffic is slowed down or stopped entirely due to an accident or road work, the program also provides automated rerouting.

The app Alight with a motion sensor and camera

With the use of the motion sensor and camera app named Alight, you are able to take pictures, record videos, and detect motion. With the use of the motion sensor and camera app named Alight, you are able to take pictures, record videos, and detect motion. The program offers two modes:

Normal mode: The user may set a timer to take pictures every certain period of time.

Live mode: The user may examine the detected things on the map using the built-in maps.

Alight Motion will enable you to see objects clearly, even at a distance.

You may quickly and amusingly improve your eyesight using the Alight Motion features program! Alight Motion will enable you to see objects clearly, even at a distance. To reduce eye strain, you can adjust the brightness of the screen on your smartphone. If you have trouble seeing in low light, Alight Motion can also brighten the screen and simplify things for you.

Alight Motion is compatible with devices running Android 4.0 or later. It has been tested with a number of Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition Wi-Fi only tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7″ WiFi only tablet, and more.

The Alight Motion App’s synopsis

  1. To create top-notch motion animation and visual effects, use Alight Motion.
  2. Modify colors and add a ton of layers to make complex, personalized animations.
  3. You may import custom fonts and more than 2,000 types are supported.
  4. Adjust the photos’ aspect ratio, quality, and frame rate to suit your needs.
  5. Export your work in a number of formats, such as MP4, GIF, and PNG.

On a PC, Alight Motion is accessible.

On a PC, Alight Motion may be utilized. Alight Creative is the company behind the video editors and players Alight Motion. Running this Android game on your PC or Mac using Blue Stacks app player is the best choice for an immersive gaming experience.

Run Alight Motion on Mac OS X

  • Step 1: The first step is to install Blue Stacks App Player on your computer
  • Step 2: Open Blue Stacks and choose the Search tab in order to look for “Alight Motion” on the Google Play Store.
  • Step 3: Select the Install option to download and install the Alight Motion APK file on your PC.
  • Step 4: Open Blue Stacks when the download is finished, search for “Alight Motion” in the Google Play Store once more, and then install the application on your phone.

Windows or Operating System X for Alight Motion?

  • Step 1: The first step is to install Blue Stacks App Player on your computer.
  • Step 2: Open Blue Stacks and choose the Search tab in order to look for “Alight Motion” on the Google Play Store.
  • Step 3: Select the Install option to download and install the Alight Motion APK file.

App for Video Players & Editors Light Movement

Alight Motion is a video players and editors app. Alight Creative is the company behind the video editors and players Alight Motion. This is the best video editing program for creating high-quality videos. You may apply a variety of video effects, such as text effects, background removal, image alterations, and more. Additionally, you may upload music from your computer or record audio directly from your phone into the program.

Motion Sensing System of Alight Motion employs sophisticated algorithms.

Modern techniques are used by the real-time motion detecting system Alight Motion. It reduces your energy bills and prevents illegal access to your home or place of work.

Alight Motion is a straightforward to install application that can be used with any Wi-Fi compatible device, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Pushing a button allows you to set up Alight Motion, and the free mobile app lets you manage it from anywhere.

Expert and high-quality features

Alight Motion is a skilled and excellent motion detection camera. With its wide-angle lens, which has a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, you may take images from both the front and back of the smartphone.

The camera can be mounted in one of two ways:

  • 1. While the second option may be utilized outside, the first option can be used within. The camera may be mounted on the wall or the ceiling using the mountable brackets in each scenario.
  • 2. There are two different mount kinds available; one is composed of metal, and the other is plastic. Both may be easily installed on any surface in your home or place of business and are both sturdy and portable.
  • 3. We like this camera’s built-in infrared LEDs because they illuminate the vicinity of it in low light (such as at night). This camera helps take sharper photos when compared to others in its pricing range

Is Alight Motion for Android free to download?

Alight Motion is a powerful piece of professional video editing software. Despite having a lot of useful features, users may download this software for free.

The main advantage of this tool is that it could help you create your own videos. Users of Alight Motion may edit movies by importing them from their camera or phone and using the features of the program. You may export videos from your phone to use on other devices like your computer or another mobile.

Users may simply record video with the aid of the software’s numerous capabilities, and then edit it on their phone or tablet afterwards. Because of its user-friendly design, you can use Alight Motion even if you don’t know how to use an editing tool like this one.

The only issue with this software, in my view, was that a few of the features weren’t available when I first downloaded it since they had been updated. However, all those features have been restored and are again fully working on my Android phone after multiple software upgrades (Samsung Galaxy Note 9).

How many Alight Motion can be used for free?

The free version of the software has limited functionality and does not permit file output to video or audio. The software’s premium edition includes these features in addition to extras like unlimited usage and cloud storage.

There are several uses for watermarks in Alight Motion. When someone shares a link to your content on social media or other sharing platforms, they discourage unauthorized duplication of it by indicating in the outcome. Second, they guarantee that your work is properly attributed when it is used in news stories or other forms of media. Finally, by measuring utilization, you can keep track of how much time each member spends using your works.

Editing video with several layers

While learning about the world of video editing and animation, Alight Motion is the finest tool for effective and understandable app usage. The layered choices, which provide different image, video, and audio quality settings, are accessible. It is straightforward to observe the entire board and make precise modifications to any video component thanks to these layers. The movie is easy to separate and edit since the layers are correctly aligned.

RAM installation is necessary for Alight Motion to operate correctly.

Alight Motion needs to be installed and used correctly in order to work, and this calls for at least 1.5GB of RAM. You should be aware that Alight Motion’s performance will deteriorate if your computer’s system memory becomes full. This might cause unforeseen errors, slow down your computer, and even damage it. After installing Alight motion, if your computer still seems sluggish or sluggish, try turning off background apps, deleting them, or uninstalling them one at a time. Afterward, test your system again without trying any other applications.

Final Words:

Alight Motion is a powerful mobile video editing app that offers a wide range of features to create professional-quality videos. With its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive toolset, users can add stunning visual effects, animation, graphics, and audio to their videos. Some of the standout features of Alight Motion include keyframe animation, color correction, layer-based editing, audio mixing, and export to a variety of formats.

Whether you’re a social media influencer, content creator, or just someone who loves to make videos, Alight Motion is a great option to enhance your video editing skills. Its feature-rich platform allows for endless possibilities when it comes to editing and creating content, making it a valuable tool for both beginners and professionals alike.